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As Malta's leading Personal Training provider we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals through our results-driven Personal Training  programmes.

Home Weight-Loss Programme


Dieting is not the answer.

Learn what's wrong with your eating and your lifestyle, and re-train yourself to eat and live smarter.

We'll show you how to transform your body in a healthy, natural way, and teach you how to keep it off in the long-term!

We don't promote diet pills, shakes or expensive equipment. Instead, you'll learn to implement a few principles that are the secret to a slim, healthy and attractive body!

Over the last 4 years we have helped literally thousands of people lose weight, drop several dress sizes and adopt a healthier lifestyle. You too can become our next success story if you are ready to commit for the next 10 weeks!

Check out these amazing body transformations!

These people had weight issues just like you. With our guidance, they have managed to lose a substantial amount of excess weight that has drastically transformed their body!

Some Testimonials
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These are the facts:

As you probably know, there is only one proper way to lose weight, and that is through a combination of smart eating and exercise. Sure, you can lose weight by following some 'soup' or 'vegetable' diet that your read in some magazine, but any success will be at best, temporary. Unless you learn how to implement healthy lifestyle changes in your life LONG TERM, you will always be struggling with your weight and continue moving from one diet programme to the next.

Now if you do want to learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes, eat a more balanced diet and incorporate some exercise in your weekly routine, then this porgramme is for you. The benefits from this programme are multiple:

  • You will lose weight as bodyfat, how it is meant to be lost. No muscle depletion or dehydration.
  • Visible inch loss from your waist, hips, thighs and arms
  • Improved, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Control craving for sweets and carbs by keeping your blood sugar levels constant through smart eating.
  • No pills, shakes or other gimmicks
  • Learn the basics for maintaining your weight-loss long term
  • We'll provide you with a weekly exercise programme to follow at home, so you don't have to stay thinking of what to cook or what exercise to do.
  • We'll get to the bottom of what has caused your weight gain, and come up with better alternatives that will help you maintain your weight-loss once you have achieved your desired weight.

The programme fee is only Euro 175 for the entire programme.

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  • To identify flaws in your current lifestyle and eating habits that are causing weight gain
  • To find healthier alternatives that will balance your diet, provide better nutrition and induce weightloss
  • To implement a simple exercise programme that will help you improve your body shape, get fitter, more toned and healthier
  • To motivate you to stay on track for the entire 10 weeks
  • To provide you with delicious and weight-loss supportive sample recipes
  • You may experience lowering of your cholesterol and blood pressure and blood sugar levels if these are elevated
  • To show you how you can exercise in the gym or in your own home with minimal or no exercise equipment whatsoever and yet really shape up and get your metabolism going!

This is what you will be getting by enrolling in this programme:

  1. Optimise your eating habits:
    During your first appointment, your will receive a bodyfat analysis, based on which we will calculate your metabolic rate, which gives a good indication of your energy requirements. Once we discuss your food preferences, lifestyle and available time we will guide you to identify and fix the eating flaws that are contributing to your weight problem. We'll also check that your eating routine is well balanced and providing you with all the essential nutrients your body needs.
  2. Recipe examples:
    Variety of food intake helps to keep eating enjoyable. When reducing certain foods in our diet, it can happen that our choice of foods becomes very limited. For this reason we will provide you with lots of sample recipes that give you ideas how you can eat delicious meals and still lose weight!
  3. Weekly Exercise Plan: You will receive weekly exercise plans that you can easily perform at home, outside or in a gym. Workout plans are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. These plans are laid out in illustrated workout sheets and are also accompanied by exercise videos where correct technique is demonstrated. Please note that this programme does NOT include Personal Training sessions at our facility. However you may enrol in a Personal Training Programme against an additional fee if you wish. For more info please call us on 27877445.
  4. By-weekly meetings: We will meet every 2 weeks to review your performance, check your progress and discuss issues and questions.
  5. Motivational Email Support: You will receive regular emails from me throughout the programme to keep you updated, informed and motivated
  6. Webinars and Sample Workouts:  Online Webinars explain the important principles behind the programme and show you how to perform your home exercise programme in detail.

Evaluating your progress

Although we use the term "weight-loss" frequently, weight itself is not a clear indicator of progress. We are more concerned about body composition changes, meaning how much fat you lose vs. how much (or little) muscle you lose. To evaluate body composition, we use bodyfat percentage testing and circumference measurements. Think about it this way: If you lose 2 dress-sizes in 10 weeks, do you really care how much you weigh on the scales?

Nevertheless, you WILL lose substantial amounts of weight. Our average results range from 6-10kg in 10 weeks, which corresponds with international government guidelines of 0.5-1kg per week, but at times clients lose substantially more weight. The amount you lose depends on your initial weight, the amount of exercise you perform and several other factors.

Medical conditions

If you suffer from any of the conditions below, we advise you to consult with your doctor before enrolling in this programme.

  1. History of heart problems, chest pain or stroke
  2. Increased (high) blood pressure
  3. Increased blood cholesterol
  4. Diabetes or Thyroid condition
  5. Any other chronic illness or condition
  6. Difficulty with physical exercise
  7. Recent surgery (last 12 months)
  8. Pregnancy (now or within last 3 months)
  9. History of breathing problems or lung problems
  10. Muscle, joint or back disorder, or any previous injury still affecting you
  11. Hernia, or any other condition that can be made worse by lifting weights
  12. Food intolerances, food allergies, IBS or other gastro-intestinal conditions
Click the button below to register for the programme or call us on 27 877 445 between 8am and 5pm to fix an appointment!

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