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As Malta's leading Personal Training provider we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals through our results-driven Personal Training  programmes.

Home Weight-Loss Programme

You've tried dieting before.

The results were, at best, temporary.

Now try something different.

We hate the word 'dieting'. We don't count calories.

Our programme is about coaching. Real coaching. Let's get to the bottom of what the real cause of your weight problem is, and solve it, once and for all!

Becoming overweight, whether just slightly, or significantly, doesn't happen by accident. There is a cause for that. Something in your daily life is contributing to your weight gain. The reasons could be one of many:

  • Portion size
  • Snacking
  • Quality of food
  • Alcohol
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Comfort eating
  • Stress, anxiety, boredom
  • Time management
  • And many more...

If you want to break the vicious circle of losing and regaining weight, you'll need to fix the underlying problem.

That's where coaching comes in.

You need guidance. Someone to help you figure out what to do next, especially when you're stuck.  Someone who's there to help support you when challenges and difficulties come up. Because they always do. Weight loss is a journey with its ups and downs, and you too will encounter them.

Our coaches are here to help and support you, so that you don't have to face these difficult moments alone.

Change your mindset to change your body

Everything we do in life is based on a certain mindset we have on that subject. This goes for eating and exercising too. The way you eat (and whether you exercise) is influenced by the environment you live in. Your family, your parents, your friends and your social life all have an influence of how you think about and perceive food. And this perception conditions what and how you eat, on a day to day basis. A certain type of eating becomes repetitive over time, forming habits that may be beneficial or detrimental to your health and physical appearance.

Our job as coaches is to help you identify these issues and address them, one at a time. We want you to fix the root cause of your problem, not just deviate from it temporarily. Temporary deviations never bring about long-term improvements. Identifying your issues, and re-training your daily habits is the only way to achieve long-term weight-loss and weight-loss maintenance. After all, who wants to lose weight only to regain it again a few months later?

This is not a quick-fix solution

Just as you didn't gain your excess weight in a few weeks, but more likely over a number of years, you cannot expect to reach your ideal weight in the short term.
Learning and developing new habits takes time and requires lots of repetition. A habit is something you do over and over, without consciously thinking about it. If you want to develop healthier habits, you will have to practice these over and over, until they become automatic.

Our curriculum will help you develop just that.

Over the course of 1 year, we will change the way you think about food, perceive food and consume food. We'll provide you with high quality, evidence-based nutrition information, self-examination tasks and habit-building exercises through an online programme provided by our industry-leading partners, Precision Nutrition, and supervised by our own Precision Nutrition-certified coaches. This is coupled with personal One-to-One review appointments, held at regular intervals throughout the course.
If you're willing to learn how to change your lifestyle to one that supports life-long weight-maintenance and health, then this programme is definitely for you! You'll have to put in your work, but in the end the rewards will make it all worth your efforts!

Our coaching is personal

Our coaches are well-trained and experienced specialists in the industry. But even more, they're committed to learning and knowing exactly what each client truly needs.

They really listen - To figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish.
They pay attention - To read between the lines and learn how you live.
They ask questions - To discover what's really important to you and why.
They team up - To work together and create something personal for you.
They coach and mentor - To ensure you're on track, and remove roadblocks to success.

If that's the kind of team you want in your corner, read on.

The programme in a nut-shell

In summary, our programme will provide you with:

  • A global industry-leading behaviour change programme developed by a team of scientists, dietitians, psychologists and counselors at Precision Nutrition for the duration of 12-months. (EUR 2,145 value!)
  • Monthly One-to-One review appointments for 1 year with your personal Precision Nutrition certified coach at our facility in St. Julians.
  • A personalised exercise programme for you to follow
  • A complimentary One-to-One Personal Training session to teach you your exercise programme
  • A personal coach supporting you and supervising your programme for an entire year!

The programme fee for the entire 1-year programme is valued at EUR 2,575, however we are offering it for a limited time for just EUR 495!

If you live abroad or cannot personally attend our review appointments, and would like to follow the programme entirely online, please contact us for special pricing and arrangements (Tel. 27877445, email:

To ensure proper supervision of our clients, we limit the number of applications we accept. We accept applications on a first come, first served basis.

30 Day Money-back guarantee

If you're not happy with our programme you may cancel at any time within the first 30-days of your enrollment for a full refund without questions asked.

Click the button below to register for the programme or call us on 27 877 445 between 8am - 5pm to fix an appointment!

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