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As Malta's leading Personal Training provider we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals through our results-driven Personal Training  programmes.

Weight Loss Successes and Body Transformations in Malta

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Michela Cardona's Weight Loss Challenge


Weight lost: 5kg
Bodyfat% lost: 7.2%
Waist: - 5 inches
Hips: - 1.5 inches
Thighs: - 1.25 inches
%weight-loss: 7%
Bodyfat % loss: 7.2%
Total: 14.2

"I was very pleasantly surprised by the challenge, which I found to be quite easy to follow. The provided recipes are quick, simple and delicious! You proved me wrong - A healthy diet isn't necessarily a boring one !! So much so that I intend to continue using the recipes, even though the challenge is over. I found it to be a very positive experience overall."

Alfred Anastasi's Weight Loss Challenge

ALFRED ANASTASI (photos not displayed due to his request)

Weight lost: 6.6kg
Bodyfat% lost: 4.9%
Waist: - 2.5 inches
Hips: - 1.5 inches
%weight-loss: 8%
Bodyfat % loss: 4.9%
Total: 12.9

Grace Jaccarini's Weight Loss Challenge

GRACE JACCARINI (photos not displayed due to her request)

Weight lost: 5.5kg
Bodyfat% lost: 5.1%
Waist: -  2.5 inches
Hips: - 3.75 inches
Thighs: - 1 inch
Chest: - 3.5 inches
%weight-loss: 7%
Bodyfat % loss: 5.1%
Total: 12.1

"Once I had taken the decision myself, after having being told that I was obese, I have to say that your method worked with me. I wasn't too sure if I could really lose weight. However, I needed to do it because of growing older and I believe that one has to consciously work at keeping healthy at this time of life in particular. I did not follow your receipes rigidly, but the shopping guide was very useful and the weekly meal suggestions were very helpful. Having the reminders and other bits of information, was another helpful push along the path. My husband benefited as well and he needed to move his belt 2 holes tighter. He's feeling happier about his body shape!"

Angie Von Brockdorff's Weight Loss Challenge

Angie von Brockdorff , commented:
"I had been struggling to shed a couple of kilos,while training 5-6 times a week and eating healthily. On Richard's programme I managed in just 10 weeks what I couldn't in the past 3 years. I cut down on my training days but intensified them, and by following the eating recommendations I was actually eating more than I was before, and yet losing bodyfat. I lost 5kgs, 4% bodyfat and 3.5 inches in my waist. Amazing! And it was so easy! The eating recommendations made it really uncomplicated.. and with a few adaptations I was feeding the whole family. I don't need to think anymore- 'What shall I cook today?' I just go through the lovely recipe list provided and come up with a healthy delicious meal."

Now even if the scales ever climb a kilo or 2 again, I know exactly what I have to do to keep myself in line.

Philip Toledo

Richard Geres is not just a personal trainer but he is also a friend, a friend that motivates you to a point that you look forward to training and succeeding with him. I started his 3 month programme thinking that I was off to another boring gym session, but I was wrong and by the end of just the first month I had lost 5 inches off my waist and gone down two clothes sizes! Within three months I had lost 10 kg of bodyfat and most importantly put on 2 kg of muscle.

Judith Lamote - Athens, Greece - online client

"I was at the gym this morning and people where coming up to me asking me what I did to get in such great shape so quickly! They were touching my muscles on my legs, it was unbelievable! Thanks for all your help and support, you really have made a big difference to the way I look!"

Pia Sapienza

"I love the fact that you've made me lose all this weight, but now I have a problem when I go shopping, cause all the clothes fit me so well!"

Roberta Tabone

"I thought I knew it all: fitness, eating habits, the works. But I kept wondering why I never saw any improvements in muscle tone and build until I started  training with Richard Geres. I have been under his close supervision for more than two years and now I am very proud of  a totally new body !!!"


Liz Tabone

"Doing my twice weekly sessions with you over the past two and a half years has been brilliant all round.  The results I have seen have been great because not only have I dropped a size but my body has been totally changed and toned. Your motivation and expertise plus your dedication and guidance keeps me going even when the  going gets tough!  Being in a small group of just four of us is also a plus because we are each given all the attention we may need.  Actually, it's like having another family with whom you have fun, challenge each other and moan and groan when you push us to our limits. - And yet, we wouldn't do without it!!
Well done Richard, I would recommend personal training with you without any hesitation. Thanks for all your support."


Emmauel Said

"I started having Richard's guidance for barely six weeks after I had been struggling with my last extra stubborn kilos for some months.  Richard guided me through an intensive exercise programme along with nutritional guidance that yielded results immediately.  In just six weeks, I lost three kilograms and made visible improvements to my chest and abs.  Thanks to Richard's help, I have found a new level of encouragement and motivation to keep on working on attaining my target weight, which is now approaching progressively."


Dominique Falzon - Back in shape after pregnancy

"When I joined Richard's weight loss challenge last January 2008 my target was to lose the excess 10kg I had retained after my pregnancy. With his support,  I achieved my goal over a 4 month period and am so happy to be back to my normal self...Thanks Rich :)"

Gayle Cutajar

"I have used his services in the past and once again I have returned. With Richard's training and nutritional guidance I was able to lose weight and gain muscle simultaneously, in a short period of  time. Although I've just started a few weeks ago I already look toned and much more confident. Apart from a personal trainer, I believe that he is a great motivator and guarantees personal attention. I'm 150% satisfied and would definitely recommend Richard to other people, which I already have."

Rose Borg - Lose weight at any age!

"I am 64 years old and was overweight,  but with Richard's professional  help I lost so much weight that I went down 2 sizes.  I never thought at my age it would happen but Richard is great and without his support I wouldn't have reached my goal.  So if there is somebody who thinks he/she can't make it, I recommend Richard with all my heart."

Edwin Mamo - Sunday Challenge Winner

"Richard Geres has been great throughout the whole challenge. Needless to say, I wouldn't have managed to lose all that weight in a healthy manner AND keep it off without Richard's support. Not only was he my very own personal trainer, planning my workouts for maximum benefit, but he kept me motivated throughout, pushing and prodding me even when I thought I couldn't take it any longer."

Edwin lost 19.5kg and 10 inches off his waist in 3 1/2 months.


5 years to live!

Stuart's mother appeared on the set of a local Television show, desperate for help. Her son Stuart, age 19 was desperately overweight, and at a worrying 223kg (490 lbs) his doctor warned him that he would not live past the age of 24!

We therefore took charge of Stuart, accommodated him at the Golden Tulip Vivaldi Hotel for a period of 3 months and commenced an intensive weight-loss programme that included daily exercise and supervised eating.

From doing an initial 2 daily walks of no more than 5-7 minutes, Stuart progressed to two daily sessions of 30 minutes each within just a few weeks. A weight-training routine based on pushing and pulling exercises allowed Stuart to strengthen his muscular system.

Over a period of 8 months Stuart managed to lose an amazing 61kg (134 lbs).