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Weight Loss Successes and Body Transformations in Malta

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Joe Galea's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 25.7kg
Bodyfat% lost: 7.4%
Inch loss from waist: 7.5 inches

I have to be honest: After over 20 years of having one large meal after a full days work (and immediately before retiring to sleep), I have managed to adapt a lifestyle to spread my meals and to actually fit an average of an hour of walking daily. I never imagined I would actually manage.

It was extremely difficult at first ... but the results were encouraging.
I found out I could walk once again ... no need to take the car to go and buy the daily papers! I could not actually 'see' the initial 15 kilos lost but could definitely 'feel' it.

Now the trend has become much easier. My body is getting used to more frequent meals so  I dont really feel the night urge for more food.
Whenever possible I have extended my walking time and become more adventurous when it comes to high slopes. I am now looking forward to starting some kind of physical training, besides my walking.

Yes, the past 10 weeks were worth all the effort, and I willingly recommend the challenge to anyone wishing to lose weight.


Kirsty Briffa's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 8.7kg
Inch loss from waist: 6.25 inches
Inch loss from hips:  4 inches

I have been amazed by how my body has changed! I am really happy with the results and finally feel like i am getting my old pre-baby body back. The best thing is that I am able to fit back into clothes that i haven't worn for years!!!! This has been a real confidence booster. I found the eating tips really easy to follow, and although i didn't always follow it completely, i still found i was able to lose weight with relative ease. I am almost at the weight I want to be, but I still plan to continue following the principles of the diet in my normal eating habits. I would recommend Richard's plan to anyone wanting to kick start their weight loss.


Riccardo Flask's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 11.4kg
Bodyfat% lost: 5.9%
Inch loss from waist: 7 inches

Riccardo's Comment:
I never thought I could get such results in just 10 weeks! My main problem before was lack of exercise and incorrect food quantities. Following the eating plan was not that hard, and I managed to lose all this weight even though I did not give up on my once-weekly pizza night! I definitely suggest to anyone wishing to change his/her shape in an absolutely healthy way (100% natural - no pills or other dieting supplements), to talk to Richard Geres!


Ritienne Bondin's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 8.8kg
Bodyfat% lost: 5%
Inch loss from waist and hips: 4 inches

'Never say never because if YOU believe it, you can achieve it!'

Barbara Magro's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 7kg
Bodyfat% lost: 5.4%
Inch loss from waist: 5.5 inches
Inch loss from  hips: 4.5 inches

Barbara's Comment:
'I am really happy that I had the courage to sign up for the weight loss challenge.
For the past 2 years I had been trying to lose a few kilos but all my efforts proved futile and no results were forthcoming.
The main problem was that although in theory I knew what I had to do to change my habits, I lacked motivation, direction and focus. Having no real set of rules to follow, I always ended up in the same rut of giving up.
This is why I found this program to be of great help. These easy to follow steps gave me goals, rules and specific time frame. This worked as a great motivator and pushed me to go beyond what I thought were my limits.

Apart from the weight loss it is very encouraging to see that I gradually re-gained my fitness - actually I think I haven't been as fit in years, and it is a great feeling!! :)
The sample recipes that were distributed every week were of immense help. I couldn't imagine myself coming up with a variety of tasty meals that fit the healthy bill. They were original, far from boring and tasty. I never knew that salads and vegetables could ever become my favourite.

I am thrilled that I took part in this challenge. I am more than satisfied with the results. And even though the challenge is over, I am determined to keep up this healthy lifestyle.'


Tony Grima's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 10.2 kg
Bodyfat% lost: 4.2%
Inches lost from waist: 7 inches

Natalie Vella's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 6.1 kg

Marika Borg Bonello's Weight Loss Challenge

Marika Borg Bonello commented:

I am very happy to say that after only eight weeks I am fitting into my old jeans and clothes rather comfortably now. In fact they are fitting me a bit loose, but I am not complaining! On the contrary, I am very happy to feel slimmer. In January when I read your advert, I thought it would only be a dream to be able to shed those extra six kilos. Thanks to the changes in my eating routine and the simple home workouts, I know I will reach my target and make that dream reality. I feel confident that in future, I can keep up the exercise and prepare healthier meals for myself as well as for my family.
I have already recommended this programme to a couple of friends of mine who can't lose their excess weight.
What also really helped me was the fact that Richard kept in touch and gave me that extra push when I needed it!

Saviour Deguara's Weight Loss Challenge


Weight lost: 13.6kg
Bodyfat% lost: 10%
Waist: - 7.25 inches
Hips: - 6 inches
Thighs: -2.25 inches
Chest: -1.25inches
%weight-loss: 15%
Bodyfat % loss: 10%
Total: 25

Saviour's comments:
"Richard's weight-loss challenge was definitely an amazing experience. The combination of his eating advice and exercise programme really did the trick. I was amazed how quickly my body responded to these positive lifestyle changes. With my commitment to succeed I was able to achieve these great results in just 10 weeks."

Saviour won a holiday for 2 in Cyprus, inclusive of flights and accommodation!

Tonio Cini's Weight Loss Challenge

TONIO CINI (photos not displayed due to his request)
Weight lost: 14kg
Bodyfat% lost: 7.2%
Waist: - 5.5 inches
Hips: - 3.5 inches
Thighs: -2.5 inches
Chest: -5 inches
%weight-loss: 12%
Bodyfat % loss: 7.2%
Total: 19.2

Amanda Xuereb's Weight Loss Challenge

AMANDA XUEREB (photos not displayed due to her request)
Weight lost: 13.1 kg
Bodyfat% lost: 6.5%
Waist: - 4 inches
Hips: - 6 inches
Thighs: -2.5 inches
Chest: -2 inches
%weight-loss: 12%
Bodyfat % loss: 6.5%
Total: 18.5

Stephanie Borg's Weight Loss Challenge

STEPHANIE BORG (photos not displayed due to her request)
Weight lost: 9kg
Bodyfat% lost: 5.3%
Waist: - 4 inches
Hips: - 3.25 inches
Thighs: - 0.75 inches
Chest: -3 inches
%weight-loss: 12%
Bodyfat % loss: 5.3%
Total: 17.3

"This experience has been amazing!! I was dumbfounded at how easy it was to shed the extra weight which I had gained during the last 12 to 14 months.

I couldn't be more satisfied or amazed with my result. I am also going to keep up the nutrition guidelines and exercise regime. I still cannot believe how easy it was for the weight to just melt away and I had been trying for a while to lose even 1kilo before starting your programme. Having reached menopause does not make it that easy to lose weight but with your recipe suggestions which were amazingly delicious and the workouts which were relatively easy I still cannot believe that I have lost so much weight in 10 weeks and my body has started to tone itself up now as well.

I still need to workout everyday and also continue my pilates sessions as I do not want to go back to the overweight state I was in. I feel more confident about my appearance and also have no problem now when I go to buy clothes.

Now about eating healthily -- well I thought I used to eat healthily but now I can see the difference. I have totally cut back on white bread and those tempting carb products and after this experience I also feel so energetic and throughout the 10 week programme I kept strictly to the eating guidelines. My husband also had the same meals as me and enjoyed them totally and as a result has also lost some weight. "

Kristie Deguara's Weight Loss Challenge


Weight lost: 8.2kg
Bodyfat% lost: 6.8%
Waist: - 5 inches
Hips: - 3.5 inches
Thighs: -2 inches
Chest: -2.5inches
%weight-loss: 10%
Bodyfat % loss: 6.8%
Total: 16.8

Claire Farrugia's Weight Loss Challenge


Weight lost: 7.4kg
Bodyfat% lost: 6.4%
Waist: - 4.5 inches
Hips: - 4 inches
Thighs: -3 inches
%weight-loss: 10%
Bodyfat % loss: 6.4%
Total: 16.4

Melissa Degiorgio's Weight Loss Challenge

MELISSA DEGIORGIO (After 2 Challenges)

Weight lost: 8.6kg
Bodyfat% lost: 6.8%
Inch loss from waist: 4.5 inches
Hips: - 2.25 inches
Thighs: -2.5 inches
%weight-loss: 10%
Bodyfat % loss: 6.1%
Total: 16.1