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As Malta's leading Personal Training provider we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals through our results-driven Personal Training  programmes.

Weight Loss Successes and Body Transformations in Malta

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Our all time weight-loss record!

Charlot lost an incredible 26.8kg in just 10 Weeks, making his result the highest weight-loss ever achieved in such a short time. He really put all his effort into this challenge, rigidly following the eating plan, performing his workouts and supplemeting them with additional power walking. Charlot lost 14.5 inches from his waist and hips alone and his bodyfat level decreased by over 12%!

These pictures show his mind-blowing transformation: 

Mary loses 19kg and runs 10km in just 10 weeks!

With her dedication to eating well and doing her daily exercise, Mary soon progressed froma walking programme to a full running programme and was regularly running 10km runs before the end of her 10 week programme!
Mary lost an amazing 19kg and 19 inches from her hips and waist!
After the end of the programme she continued her routine to lose an additional 7kg, for a total weight loss of 26kg!

Antida Cohen gets fit in 10 weeks!

Antida really did a great job during her 10 week programme. She was extremely organised and recorded every single treadmill run she performed at 5am in the morning on a spreadsheet. Thus her fitness level increase was clearly visible as she increased her running speed week after week. She also did not miss a single circuit training workout, and as a result got her legs and butt in rock-hard condition! Starting out at just 64kg, she lost an impressive 8kg and 14% bodyfat!  

Anna Maria Sammut's transformation!

Anna Maria Sammut lost 14.8kg and 13 inches from her waist and hips in just 10 weeks!

I am controlling my diabetes without insulin!

Thanks to your challenge Richard, I finally managed to diet! The concept of having a start date and end-date with the chance of winning a nice prize worked wonders with me! The benefits gained from my weight loss are numerous: colleagues notice that I am a much happier person & my attitude has changed, my family are relieved that I do not snore anymore :) and I am controlling my diabetes without taking insulin anymore!
I have learnt to enjoy training daily, I now have a big collection of very healthy but exciting recipes that really make me look forward to my meals. My kids are very proud of me and I can finally look at myself in the mirror without getting depressed!
Thanks for making all this possible for me!

Kevin Debono loses 19kg in 10 weeks!

Kevin Debono lost 18kg and 12.5 inches from his waist and hips in just 10 weeks!

Andrea Bonnici wins the Jan 2011 Challenge!

Here are Andrea's achievements in just 10 weeks:
Weight loss: 16.4kg
Bodyfat % loss: 9.5%
Inch loss: 12 inches from waist and hips

Not only did I lose considerable amounts of weight in just 10 weeks but I am glad to say that with the help of the recipe examples I actually learnt how to cook! I can now prepare a good number of healthy, yet delicious meals and be of assistance to  my wife when she is busy with our child.

John Anthony Navarro

Here are John Anthony's achievements in just 10 weeks:
Weight loss: 13.4kg
Bodyfat % loss: 12.1%
Inch loss: 9.5 inches from waist and hips

"The results speak for themselves. Ten weeks ago the only exercise I did was clicking away at my laptop. Now, I feel fitter and less lethargic than I used to, I can find fashionable clothes that actually fit, and above all I have learned that it isn't really worth choosing lots of food in place of an overall better lifestyle.
Thank you for everything - with your help, I've managed to change my aversion to exercise, and control my appetite."

Noel Formosa: This is how I lost 25kg!

My adventure at Richard Geres Personal Training started on the 3rd February 2010, after I made an appointment to discuss some matters related to the fact that I was feeling really down and unmotivated due to my excess weight. I started off the programme weighing 115.7 kg with a waist of 46 inches, and was classified as 'obese'.
Thanks to the close guidance of the staff trainers assigned to me, I slowly restored the confidence that I never knew I possessed. Besides losing those extra kilos, I also started to regain my physical health and became convinced that 'YES, I CAN DO IT!'
After 16 months of attending Richard Geres Personal Training, I am satisfied that all the training (cardio, strength & endurance) , diet advice and above all WILL POWER have paid off. Now I weigh 90 kg with a waistline of 38 inches and body fat of 24.6 % and am classified as 'normal weight'. Although I have reached my target of 90 kg, I will try to shed at least a few more kilos. The most important thing is that I have adopted myself to my new lifestyle which regards diet and regular physical training.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the  team for their help and professional advice.

Carmen Debattista's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost in 10 weeks: 19.2kg
Inches lost from hips and waist: 16.5inches
Bodyfat % lost: 9.4%

Clint Vella's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost in 10 weeks: 21.4kg
Inches lost from hips and waist: 16inches
Bodyfat % lost: 11.1%

'During these last 10 weeks I have seen a great change both in my health and physical appearance. Richard's weight loss challenge is a great experience of well being and a combination of great meals and exercises. In just 10 weeks I've lost 21.4kg and 16 inches from my waist. I never imagined that I would achieve such results but thanks to Richard's supervision and my commitment to succeed I managed to attain wonderful results. Richard's weight loss challenge is a great way how to reduce those extra kilos.'

Maria Victoria Gatt's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost in 10 weeks: 10.4kg
Inches lost from hips and waist: 11 inches
Bodyfat % lost: 7.9%

Maria Victoria's Comment:
'I am really amazed how my body has changed in just 10 weeks.I never thought it possible I could shed all my extra weight, plus toning my body.The challenge was an excellent combination of simple food swaps and excercise.I am determined to keep up this healthy lifestyle.Since I have been excercising I have much more energy.The fact that Richard kept in touch through the challenge kept me motivated and, focused.I would like to thank Richard Geres and recommend him to anyone who really wants to change in every way.'

Marisabel Scicluna's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost in 10 weeks: 12.9kgs
Inches lost from hips and waist: 10 inches
Bodyfat % lost: 9.1%

Ryan Penza's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost in 20 weeks (after 2 challenges): 20.5kg
Inches lost from hips and waist: 15inches
Bodyfat % lost: 11.55%

Ryan's Comment:
'I would definitely recommend others to enter the Weight Loss Challenge! It has helped me a lot! It has changed my way of eating for the better and taught me to lead a healthier lifestyle!'

Ian Scicluna's Weight Loss Challenge

Weight lost: 23.8kg
Bodyfat% lost: 7.5%
Inch loss from waist: 8.25 inches

I am really amazed how my body changed shape in less than two months, from my legs right up to my face. I am extremely surprised and happy with what I've managed to achieve up till now. So far, in just eight weeks I've lost 18kg, and my trouser size decreased from a size 42 to a size 34-36! Losing this amount of weight has helped me to feel a lot more confident and also made me look at life in a more positive way. People around me have definitely noticed my transformation. A big thank you, Richard! Your programme has really changed my life.