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Tue, 17 December 2013
Let us coach you to success - take action now and save EUR80!
How many New Year's resolutions have you set, only to fail miserably after a few short weeks?   Failure in seeing through a resolution or plan is usually a cause of (or lack of) these 3 factors: The lack of having a clear plan or lack of planning aheadThe lack of giving your goal sufficient priority...
Thu, 10 October 2013
Here are the results of the May-July 2013 Weight-Loss Challenge!
I am happy to announce the results of yet another successful 10-Week Weight-Loss Challenge that was held between May and July 2013.What gives me the most satisfaction is not only the weight and excess fat the participants manage to lose, but the HUGE health benefits they derive from optimising their lifestyle fo...
Thu, 27 June 2013
Learn how to deadlift correctly (Video series)
If your goal is to get stronger overall or if you'd just like a stronger core, eventually you are going to have to learn how to deadlift.Deadlifts are without a doubt one of the most basic and essential movements when it comes to strength training. Yet they are often ignored or forgotten... or conveniently replaced with oth...
Mon, 3 June 2013
FOR MEN: Build some serious Muscle Mass in 3 Months!
Want to build some serious muscle mass in the next 3 months?We often get requests from guys who have been working out on their own for months or even years without ever managing to put on any substantial amount of  lean muscle.Building muscle boils down to two main factors:...
Mon, 6 May 2013
Feb - April 2013 Weight-Loss Challenge Results!
A few weeks ago the February - April 2013 Weight-Loss Challenge came to an end and as usual we had some fantastic transformations.Well done to everyone who completed the programme. You are now armed with the tools to continue on your weight-loss journey towards reaching your long-term ideal weight! Keep following the ...
Thu, 4 April 2013
Fitness myths that just never go away
Here are some misconceptions that just never want to go away. They existed when I started in the business 20 years ago, and they are still around today.Have a good read so that you stop wasting money, time and effort, and start making smart fitness decisions!Myth: Exercise can compensate for poor eating habits<...
Sun, 13 January 2013
Here are the Results for the Sept - Dec 2012 Weight-Loss Challenge!
Our last 10-Week Weight-Loss Challenge came to an end in December. As usual, all participants who followed the programme to the end obtained excellent results. I congratulate everyone who completed this programme and hope they have learnt some valuable lessons which they will be able to apply long-term to further impr...
Wed, 2 January 2013
Make this New Year's Resolution work!
With the start of the New Year you may be already planning a programme to lose the extra weight you gained over the last few weeks or months. But the challenge is actually sticking to it and making real changes!Here are a few tips on how to make that New Years resolution stick until you have achieved your goals.Write your ...
Fri, 21 December 2012
Simple tricks to avoid the holiday weight-gain
The Christmas holidays are usually a time filled with parties, family get-togethers and resulting bulging bellies due to the excessive amount of food and drink consumed.Strangely enough, exercise regimes are sidelined in a time when they should logically be be stepped up.Nevertheless, there are strategies to help you get through ...
Thu, 20 December 2012
Enrol in December, start in January and save big time!
If you are contemplating of starting a Personal Training Programme in January 2013, don't make the mistake of waiting till the New Year to apply! Here are 2 reasons why not to wait: 1. From the 1st January 2013 our rates are going up We have the best ever team of trainers together, who are highly skilled, ...
Fri, 16 November 2012
12 Superfoods that burn fat and get you healthier!
Incorporate these foods into all or some of your meals and snacks in order to lose fat, increase energy, reduce cravings and above all, get healthier!This food list is also referred to as the A-B-S P-O-W-E-R D-I-E-TAlmonds & other nutsBeans & LegumesSpinach & other green leafy vegetabl...
Wed, 15 August 2012
The May-July 2012 Weight-Loss Challenge Results!
I am excited to announce the results of the May - July 2012 Weight-Loss Challenge! As usual, we had a large number of very successful participants, some of which are listed below. Congratulations to everyone who completed the 10-week programme, as...
Mon, 9 July 2012
The Men that made us fat (MUST see video)!
The BBC recently aired an amazing Documentary on the reasons why obesity has multiplied so much in the last 20 years in America and the UK. The factors obviously also apply for the Maltese Population. Episode One deals with the worlwide spread of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and its direct l...
Wed, 20 June 2012
Get in serious shape this summer!
I assume you are 100% happy about the way you feel and look right now, just before summer.... or not? If not, what's ticking you off about your body right now? Got some extra fat around your waist, hips or thighs that you hate looking at? Are you awkward to go the beach in your swim s...
Mon, 14 May 2012
Amazing transformations from the January 2012 Weight-Loss Challenge!
In the month of April our January 2012 edition of the Weight-Loss Challenge came to an end. As in previous editions,  the participants did not fail to impress with their amazing transformations, which they achieved simply by following an optimised eating plan and a simple, regular exercise...
Wed, 21 March 2012
Eat chocolate cake to lose more weight?
Diets fail mostly because they are way too restrictive... all the good stuff is banned and life is miserable when dieting. How cool would it be if you could actually lose weight while still eating chocolate cake? A new study shows that this is actually possible... without the need of any pills, fat magnets or other products!<...
Fri, 16 March 2012
The 'magic pill' for weight-loss available from April 2012 - Get ready for summer!
Summer is closing in, and if you want to get in shape before you hit the beach, then now is the time to do something about it! People often ask if I have a "magic pill" to get them in bikini-shape, and as a matter of fact I do! You take it daily for a period of 3 months, and your body will change drastically, I promise you!...
Wed, 7 March 2012
How friends infuence your weight
Multiple studies confirm that enthusiastic friends are essential to developing and sustaining healthier fitness habits. Dieters can lose more weight if partnered with supportive friends, and exercisers get more motivated if paired with positive pals. There is no doubt that the company we keep has a profound impact on body size and exerci...
Tue, 21 February 2012
Hanging Leg Raises for rock-hard abs
Most people train their abs lying on the floor. However, if you think about it, how many times do you actually need ab strength when in a lying position?The primary function of the abdominal muscles is to stiffen the mid-section of your body while transferring force from the lower body to the upper body, or vice-versa. Re...
Mon, 13 February 2012
Effective Euro 3.50 home cardio equipment
If you want to get fit 'Rocky style' but have a low budget for buying fitness equipment, and no space where to store it then you should definitely try skipping, or as the Americans call it "rope jumping". For the price of half a pizza you can get yourself a piece of fitness equipment...
Mon, 6 February 2012
Wendler 5/3/1: A simple, yet effective strength training programme
If you are looking for a simple, but proven method of how to seriously increase strength, then you should take a good look at Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 powerlifting system. As a former competitive powerlifter he deadlifted 320kg, bench pressed 306kg, and squatted 450kg! His programme is rapidly growing into one of the most popular powerlifting...
Tue, 17 January 2012
Don't fall for these insanities!
Healthy Weight Network  recently released its 23rd Slim Chance Awards highlighting four of the worst diets and diet promotions of 2011.Weight loss schemes are more lucrative and offensive than ever, said Francie M. Berg, a licensed nutritionist and adjunct professor at the Unive...
Thu, 15 December 2011
Amazing results from the Sept2011 Weight-Loss Challenge!
 In the beginning of December the 10-Week Weight-Loss Challenge came to and end, and as usual we had amazing results!Even though we have been running this programme for a few years now, it never seizes to amaze me how much a body can change in just 10 weeks! See these remarkable achievem...
Fri, 2 December 2011
Unlocking the science of overeating with neuroscience
As obesity reaches epidemic levels, neuroimaging suggests a link between overeating and brain health - and may indicate new solutions for improving both brain function and eating habits.Weight problems may be all in your head - or at least in your brain, according to an emerging of brain-imaging work and related research on cravings, o...
Thu, 17 November 2011
Functional vs dysfunctional exercise
The terms function, functional and functional exercise have recently become commonplace in the health & fitness industries. Most professionals will agree that these terms are generally used to describe exercises or movements that relate to 'real world' situations or are 'transferable', in that their benefits can be transferred to activitie...