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Fri, 15 September 2017

Corporate Fitness Challenge


One of the best ways to create team spirit and motivate your employees is to create a corporate fitness challenge!

With the use of our custom App, we can provide the following layout for your company's fitness challenge:

Team based competition

Employees can form teams that compete against each other (this increases motivation and team-spirit).
Divisions: You can create 'divisions', containing several 'teams' that compete  together against another division. This could be departments, office locations or companies within the group competing against each other.


Scoring can be based on either
  1. the average amount of minutes exercised, or
  2. on a point system awarded for engaging in a particular type of exercise or sport, according to duration (e.g. running, weight lifting, yoga, aerobics, football, cycling, swimming&)
The duration of the challenge is optional, but we usually recommend 10-12 weeks max, as after that, motivation and participation drops significantly.


You can create a number of incentives during the competition to increase motivation and create a more competitive atmosphere.
For example:
  1. The weekly leading team get a gift voucher/free lunch, or similar
  2. The Top 10 exercisers at the end of the challenge will receive/enter a draw for a grand prize
  3. The best performer in each group will receive a grand prize at the end of the competition

Reporting provided

  • Team rankings: real-time from the user's dashboard & weekly via email
  • Individual standings (you can hide this if you wish) across 6 exercise categories, including overall
  • Winning team and teammates at the conclusion
  • Exceptional exercisers: listing of individuals exercising at least 3 days/week and 30 minutes/day at the conclusion
  • Custom reports: these can be provided if you are looking for a specific report that is not included
  • Create rule(s): viewable from the user's dashboard (eg. must exercise for at least 15 continuous minutes to be counted)

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