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Fri, 6 November 2015

Why you need to take this supplement


Probably, when you think of fat, you think of calories.

But fats also perform numerous essential functions in our body. There are two essential fatty acids, which we cannot live without. One of these are Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA & DHA.

EPA&DHA are super, mega healthy, and have a TON of beneficial properties. We can get EPA/DHA from eating fatty fish, but most people don't get nearly as much as they should. If you care about your health, you should take an Omega-3 supplement because:

Omega-3s lower blood triglyceride levels. If you're overweight or don't exercise regularly, chances are you may have elevated triglyceride levels, which can eventually lead to high cholesterol, insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and fatty-liver disease.

Omega-3s have anti-inflammatory properties, which protect your blood vessels from becoming blocked - the cause of heart-attack and stroke. Inflammation also fuels cancer. Omega-3s reduce the risk of thrombosis and protect arterial plaques from rupturing (which could lead to heart attack/stroke).

Omega-3s also keep your tissue cell membranes soft and supple, important for the efficient exchange of nutrients, oxygen and waste products.

Omega-3s also help to prevent age-related muscle loss. As we get older, our bodies naturally start to lose muscle tissue. Loss of muscle tissue means less muscle tone, lower metabolic rate, and more fat-gain. Although strength training is the best treatment for age-related muscle-loss (sarcopenia), supplementing with Omega-3s has been shown to reduce this phenomenon.

fight arthritis and reduce joint stiffness and pain. They also increase the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory medications.

Omega-3s has powerful benefits on the brain. They fights depression, increases the effect of anti-depressive drugs and may even help people with bipolar disorder. They has also been shown to positively affect children with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), and helps them improve their mental skills, such as memory, concentration and learning. They have even been shown to decrease aggression in prison-inmates.

Omega-3s are important in pregnancy, as they contribute to the healthy development of a childs visual and neurological complex as it grows inside the womb. Children breast-fed with milk rich in DHA have been shown to be smarter.

Omega-3s may protect against Alzheimers disease and dementia. Dementia is one thing that scares me with old age, as its a horrible sickness.

Omega-3s also increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy by up to 100% in patients being treated for cancer.

Where can I get Omega-3 supplements from?

You can get these from most pharmacies, but there are a lot of low-quality products out there. If you want a really high-quality product, go for BioTRUST Omega-3s. They are made from high quality, deep sea Krill, and contain a unique VesiSorb technology that enables maximum absorption and utilisation in the body. Traditional cheap supplements may bypass absorption in the intestine, resulting in a loss of up to 90%, going straight out the other end! VesiSorb technology allows the Omega-3 fatty acids to dissolve better during digestion, enabling almost complete absorption: 5-15 times higher than other products! You also don't get the annoying fishy burps that you get with cheap Omega-3 supplements.

To order your Omega-3 Supplements from BioTRUST, click this link:
==> BioTRUST Omega 3 Supplement

Because BioTRUST is so confident about their product, they even offer a 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee, just in case you're not happy.
But this won't happen. I have been using their products for years and I can vouch for their high quality.

Worth noting:
  • The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends supplementing with 1g per day of EPA/DHA.
  • Vegetarian sources of Omega-3 oils exist, as in alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) which is found in flax seeds, however this does not convert well into EPA/DHA and therefore does not exhibit the same beneficial health properties of EPA/DHA.