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Mon, 13 January 2014

Let me coach you to lose that stubborn weight!

Weight-loss is so hard to achieve and maintain, not because you don't have a clue of what to do to achieve it, but because it is so hard to maintain motivation and focus over time. It's a constant battle of willpower vs. urges, and sooner or later your willpower gives in.
You pobably can relate to this yourself. How many times have you decided that you need to lose weight, and start a diet with ambition on Monday morning, only to fail miserably within just a couple of days?
It's happened to all of us, including myself.
You see, although weight-loss is very much about eating right and exercising, it's even more about psychology. Weight-loss starts in your brain. Before deciding to cut out all your unhealthy favourite foods, you need to re-focus. Why do you really want to lose weight? What do you aim to look like in 3-months, 6-months, 1-year? Are your daily actions and habits supporting your goal?
Your weight-loss goal must become your priority, and your daily schedule has to adjust itself to allow your 'NEW' habits to flourish. These may be minor changes or major ones. Whatever they are, they have to be sustainable long enough to allow your body to change.
This is where the value of a WEIGHT-LOSS COACH comes in.
In our 10-WEEK NUTRITION COACHING PROGRAMME I will work with you to identify your current issues, correct them, and set you up psychologically so you are motivated enough to follow through with the programme and produce the result you are aiming for.
Once your roadmap is set in your mind, the rest comes easy.
During the month of January I am accepting new clients to to work with me to get their weight and health under control.
Do you want to be one of these people?
If yes, head over to my website, and register for my 10-WEEK WEIGHT-LOSS COACHING PROGRAMME before the 28th January.
The programme includes 6 Personalised Coaching Sessions on a One-to-One basis over a 10-Week period (we meet every 2 weeks - no groups), eating guidelines, sample recipes, meal plans, exercise programme and progress assessment. Those are all the tools you need to succeed.
However, my time is limited, and I can only accept a limited amount of people.
Therefore, if you ARE interested head on over to and register NOW!
If you don't, you may be making the same New Year's resolution again NEXT year!