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Tue, 17 December 2013

Let us coach you to success - take action now and save EUR80!

How many New Year's resolutions have you set, only to fail miserably after a few short weeks?
Failure in seeing through a resolution or plan is usually a cause of (or lack of) these 3 factors:
  1. The lack of having a clear plan or lack of planning ahead
  2. The lack of giving your goal sufficient priority
  3. The lack of being accountable to someone (nobody to check on you)

This is where the value of a Personal Training Programme comes in.
A Personal Training Programme is much more than just working out with a Trainer. It's a comprehensive coaching programme complete with goal setting, home work, gym work, nutrition counselling, progress assessment and goal review.
Client progress is very important to us. It's what keeps us in business. We expect our clients to complete their programme successfully, just like you expect your mechanic to fix your car to your satisfaction. Your progress is our service promise to you - our mission is to deliver on our service promise.
If you are really committed to changing your body, fitness and health in 2014, and want guaranteed visible results by April 2014, then you need to enrol in our Personal Training Programme - Period!
If you don't act now, another year will go by without any change. And this time next year you would have wished you had taken action a year ago.
Success is waiting to happen - but you must commit and act now!
Enrol before the 21st December, and save ¬80 on any One-to-One or Couple Personal Training package of 24 sessions or more. On top of that we will also include a free Health Club membership worth hundreds of Euros for you!

Call us today on 27877445 to fix an appointment. We only have a limited number of spots available and by January they will be gone. So act now!
Think how you would look and feel when you achieve your fitness goals - call us now and make it happen!

Yours in health,

Richard Geres

We also have gift vouchers available - Why not give the gift of health to a loved one this Christmas?