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Thu, 1 March 2018
Low-carb, low-fat? What's better for weight-loss?
As a society, we are constantly bombarded with information from friends and media, that claim things like:Eating carbs after 6pm is bad for youCarbs make you fatSkipping breakfast lowers your metabolism and makes you fatI choose this brand of brea...
Sun, 18 February 2018
Diet or exercise? What's better for weight-loss?
What works better for weight-loss? Diet or Exercise?Which one of the two is more effective?Do I have to do them both, or can I do one of them only? The basi...
Mon, 25 September 2017
Corporate Wellness Coaching Programmes
There is a direct relationship between employee wellness and employee productivity. Stress management, proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly all contribute towards a sense of well-being, self-confidence and feeling energised. These in turn affect...
Wed, 20 September 2017
Corporate Wellness Seminars
Creating awareness amongst your employees about the direct relationship between physical we...
Fri, 15 September 2017
Corporate Fitness Challenge
One of the best ways to create team spirit and motivate your employees is to create a corporate fitness challenge!With the use of our custom A...
Fri, 23 June 2017
GARMIN sportswatches now available!
Fri, 10 March 2017
FREE 12-Week Weight-Loss Programme for Men!
Are you a male, aged over 35 years old, and have high cholesterol, and/or high blood pressure and/or high triglycerides (fat in the blood) and/or high blood sugar (zokkor) and are overweight?
Thu, 31 March 2016
Join our Fitness Competition on the 15th May!
On Sunday 15th May we shall be holding a fitness competition for our members. The competition is open to current and former Personal Training clients, both male and female. The scope of the workout is to complete an 8-station circuit in the least possible time. The circuit is as follow...
Sat, 20 February 2016
Why Exercise Changes your Genetics
Have you ever looked at the bodies of athletes?They look different than normal bodies. Whether they are track athletes, gymnasts, footballers, tennis players or swimmers, their bodies are powerful, toned, strong and sexy and they radiate health, vigor and lots of se...
Thu, 17 December 2015
Last Chance for our MEGA DISCOUNTS in December!
You're running out of time.There are only a few days left until our December MEGA DISCOUNT OFFER on our Personal Training Programmes and Health Club Membership comes to an end (offer ends 23rd December).You know you should exercise, and we'd like to help you get your exercise back on track i...
Thu, 26 November 2015
60% DISCOUNT on our 4-Session Trial Personal Training package during December!
Have you been contemplating about starting a Personal Training Programme, but are not quite sure what it's about?Would you like to give our Personal Training Programme a try before you commit to a longer-term programme?Well, here is the perfect opportunity for you!During the month of...
Mon, 9 November 2015
Men over 40 and 50: Why you need to exercise
Men in their 40s, 50s and 60s can still be in top shapeIf you used to be physically active when you were younger, you'll remember how great it felt to be fit and bursting with energy.Do ...
Fri, 6 November 2015
Why you need to take this supplement
Probably, when you think of fat, you think of calories. But fats also perform numerous essential functions in our body. There are two essential fatty acids, which we cannot live ...
Sun, 1 November 2015
Over 40? Keep your youth, vigor and health by doing this!
Some of our clients in their 50s in top shapeWhen we reach our 30s, we notice that life is not eternal. The first wrinkles...
Wed, 17 June 2015
Personal Training for Men!
Work out under the supervision of our experienced Personal Trainers and we'll guide you towards achieving a more fit and ...
Sun, 1 March 2015
Hormones: how they influence where you store fat
Some people tend to store fat in their tummy area and their 'love handles' whilst others store more fat in their hips and thighs.Why is that?Well the answer lies in your hormones.You see, fat storage (what we don't want) as well as fat mobilisation (what we want) are influenced by hormones prod...
Sun, 22 February 2015
Which joghurts to eat and which to avoid (Free downloadable chart)
Yoghurt is definitely a healthy food that should be part of your diet, whether you are just trying to maintain weight or lose bodyfat.Yoghurt is manufactured f...
Tue, 17 February 2015
If carbs make you gain fat, take THIS!
Most of us know that carbohydrates are the enemy of fat loss. But are they really? The truth is, it depends in part on your genetics, but primarily on your past lifestyle, and your sensitivity to one particular sugar-regulating hormone. We ingest carbohydrates mainly in the form of cereals, grains (like rice and qui...
Sun, 15 February 2015
If your belly looks like this, you may be heading for trouble!
 If you're like most people, you probably don't likes a big belly.The issue is that we usually dislike it for the wrong reasons - because it does...
Tue, 18 November 2014
WIN a EUR 2,000 VIP Personal Training Programme!
Yes, you are seeing correctly!We are giving away not ...
Fri, 5 September 2014
We now have some places available in our Small Group Training programmes!
Interested in joining our Small Group Personal Training Programme?   We currently have a few places available! How it works: Our Small Group Personal Training programme allows you to work in a small group of 3-4 people with a trainer. The group is small enough to make sure you get enough supervision from t...
Fri, 4 July 2014
Do you have metabolic flexibility?
Our bodies predominantly use fats and carbohydrates to produce energy. In most cases we use both nutrients simultaneously to produce energy, but the ratios of carbohydrate to fat utilisation depends on fuel status, activity level, fed versus fasted state and the body's ability to efficiently switch from one nutrient to the other. That, un...
Sat, 14 June 2014
How this 'trick' can make you burn an additonal 600kcal per day (it's not exercise)
Why is it that some people gain weight immediately following overeating, while others seem to be able to eat what they want and yet remain slim?While hormones like thyroxine, estrogen and cortisone as well as medications like the contraceptive pill, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-depressants may have an influence ...
Sun, 18 May 2014
3 Fundamental Rules of weight-loss
There are countless diets and workout programmes out there, all promising to rid you of the unwanted excess fat that has accumulated on your body over time. Whether its low GI, low-carb, South Beach , Atkins or Dukan, each of these plans promises astounding results.  But are they really all that different from one another aft...
Thu, 24 April 2014
20% off our Health Club memberships! Act now!
We are excited to announce our special 20% discount offer for the months of April and May on our Health Club memberships!   Situated at the Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay our Health Club is ideal if you like a quiet environment and want to be looked after by our staff. What sets us apart is our service. At ou...