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As Malta's leading Personal Training provider we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals through our results-driven Personal Training  programmes.


Richard Geres Personal Training Malta


Personal Trainer Profile - Richard Geres:


Over the course of some 19 years Richard have been fine-tuning his programmes to provide effective, yet practical solutions to a problem that many people face nowadays: Getting rid of excessive bodyfat. Whilst some people may be only after improving certain areas of their body, others may be looking at losing substantial amounts of bodyweight. Richard has ample experience with both extremes, having worked literally with thousands of individuals in his long career to help them achieve life-changing improvements in both appearance and health.


Richard was introduced to sports at a very young age and grew up playing competitve soccer and tennis. Whilst in his early teens, he was introduced to weight-training by his Tennis Coach in order to improve strength and power. The more he worked out the bigger his facination for weight-training and fitness in general became.

Training philosophy

Richard likes to work out with simple equipment like dumbbells, barbells and using your own bodyweight, and is a big advocate of functional training, a philosphy that tends to look at the body as a complete, interdependent system and working it accordingly, rather than using traditional exercises and exercise machines that tend to isolate separate muscle groups. In real life every movement we do involves a large number of muscle groups and joint movements, therefore it makes sense to train the body accordingly. Also, the more muscle groups involved in a movement, the greater the energy demand placed on the body. The higher resulting metabolic rate contributes not only to increased energy expenditure, which assists weight-loss but also to higher aerobic capacity, or simply put, increased level of fitness.

Unlike some people in the business, Richard leads the lifestyle he preaches and keep himself in shape year-round. Have a look at the Gallery and see for yourself!


Fitness Certifications

Fitness Instructor - FFI, UK 

Advanced Fitness Instruction - FFI, UK

Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC)

Strong First certified Kettlebell Instructor

Nutrition Certifications

Nutrition Specialist - Diploma - Future Fit, UK - School of Nutrition

Nutrition & Behaviour Change Coaching - Advanced Level (2) - Precision Nutrition

Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Medicine - University of Surrey, UK

MSc Nutritional Medicine - University of Surrey, UK - currently ongoing

CEC Courses completed:

Low Back Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation - Dr Stuart McGill
Lifestyle and Weight Management: Program Design and Implemenation - ACE
Foundations for Function: Movement by Design - ACE

Personal Training Experience: 22 years

Richard is also a certified Tennis coach, with certifications by the Malta Lawn Tennis Assocoation (MLTA) and the International Tennis Federation (ITF).


Professional Qualifications

Certified Engineer in Telecommunications and Electronics

3-year M.B.A. programme with Henley Business School, UK (PG Dip.)

MSc Nutritional Medicine - University of Surrey, UK - currently ongoing

Nationality - Austrian

Our Team

Our Team